What to Expect

Constantly Varied

Each day the workout will work to test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, never putting the focus on one particular thing (not specializing) with the goal of building bodies that are capable of anything and everything that life can offer.


The WOD (workout of the day) will have the prescribed (Rx'd) weights, distances, reps, etc - but can always be scaled based on age, ability and skill level.

For example

If the workout calls for squats with 165lbs but you can only squat with the barbell (35 or 45lbs) then that is what you'll do.  Or, if the number of reps is too many, we'll reduce them to work within your capabilities. 

The coaches are there to lead workouts, provide feedback, help push you, and to ensure you are moving safely.  They will always focus on form first and push intensity second.

CrossFit vs CrossFit Lite

If you're interested in CrossFit but would like to try a scaled-back option, CrossFit Lite may be for you.  Incorporating all the same elements as CrossFit (constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements), CrossFIt Lite focuses on metabolic conditioning using lighter weights or body weight rather than the barbell.

Still coach-led, CrossFit Lite is an intense workout.  Come try a class and see how challenging it can be!

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